May 2020 Newsletter

Editor: Colleen Green

Writing Competitions of the Month

Cardigan Radio is a Dayton, OH, based podcast production company that is looking to release a slate of fiction-based shows in the fall. There are currently two competitions open to submit to.

1. Monologue-Submit an original 10-15 minutes monologue to be produced as part of an “audio theater” series.

2. Short Fiction-Submit an original 5,000-10,000 word piece of short fiction to be produced as part of a fiction anthology series. 

Details on requirements and submission dates are listed
on the flyers attached below. 


monologue guidelines 5.4.2020monologue submissions 5.4.2020
short fiction guidleines 5.4.2020short fiction guidleines 2 5.4.2020

Word of the Day


Altruism n.  Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness.  (also ‘Altruistic’). “Despite his miserly demeanor, his life is driven by Altruism.” “Altruistic motives.


Quote of the Month

“Nothing happens unless
first a dream.”

Carl Sandberg

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Finish This Sentence

Article by Contributor Don Hart

History of this little exercise is what started as a joke with grandchildren (“I love you better than leaping lizard,” for example) turned in to creative competition with four children trying to outsmart each other on how they loved Grandpa better than the others…what geezer wouldn’t want this going on? We later had to limit the submissions to one noun, one descriptor.

Four Cats Publishing is looking for writers to submit sentences that start with “I love you better than”… They are especially interested in entries from published authors over 15 years old. Details below.


One item that is humorously improbable and lovable with one descriptor, 3-7 words long (the I LOVE YOU BETTER THAN A… list below is a guideline of winning examples). We will accept entries for six months and we’ll give a monthly prize (usually a book from Four Cats inventory). Entries can be sent to Don Hart’s email: or to Colleen Green’s email:

The list contains examples of what my grandchildren completed for my own little competition exercise. I thought those on the list were good enough to publish. New entries may be published by The Wright Writers of Dayton on this website or with author attribution.



A chocolate chip cookie

A 10 lb. hamburger

A blue-eyed goldfish

A zebra with green stripes

A pepperoni and banana pizza

My own polka dotted airplane

A mash potato sandwich

Two birthdays in one week

A monkey named Melvin

A lion named Larry

A green and red pony

 four cats pic

Check out the Four Cats Publications website at