Author of the Month: March 2020

Wright Writers of Dayton will honor one member of the group by selecting them to be the author of the month. This March we celebrate Ruth Kibler Peck, the head of our group.

Author of the Month

Ruth Kibler Peck

Ruth Ann Bio PhotoBio: Ruth Ann married her high school sweetheart, Walter Peck, and they have five grown children, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. She graduated with High Honors from Wright State University at age 40 and taught English for 21 years at Northmont Junior High in Englewood, Ohio. In 1990 she was honored as one of Ohio’s Top Ten Teachers from 7,000 nominees. She has won dozens of national, state, and local prizes for her poetry – see Rowing Through the Night. Poverty, Puberty, & Patriotism is her seventh book and was written especially for teenagers and for those who remember the special years of World War II.

WWII book

Press Release of
Poverty, Puberty, & Patriotism:
A Dayton Girl Grows Up During

World War II
by Ruth Kibler Peck

Youth Dares to Dream Beyond
Fears in World War II

Tucson, AZ – Before America waved her victorious star-spangled banner, a young teen, who lived in bustling Dayton, Ohio, had witnessed the devastating and massive revolution of World War II. As she dreamed to live a modest and peaceful life, World War II was her living nightmare. Now a published author, Ruth Kibler Peck recollects as her nightmares come to life on her recently launched book Poverty, Puberty, & Patriotism: A Dayton Girl Grows Up During World War II.

The book opens on that fateful Sunday afternoon on the 7th of December, 1941 — the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The horrifying sequence of events created a quaking fear on the lives of the Kibler Family, especially with her mother’s life-threatening illness and her father’s meager salary. As the Great Depression ended and World War II began, their drastic challenge of finding hope in sustaining their home was a remarkable event that Ruth could remember even until today.

Ruth’s memoir is similarly narrated like The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. While both books shared their personal experiences during wars, Ruth and Anne aimed to empower young girls and teenagers to strive higher in faith and hope in spite of youthful innocence.

Ruth’s work will be featured at the Tucson Festival of Books 2020, to be held at the University of Arizona this coming March 14-15 at the Authors Press booth 136.

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Poverty, Puberty, & Patriotism:

Poverty, Puberty, & Patriotism 
is available at Authors Press,
Amazon, Barnes & Noble,
and other online book retailers.

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about the author and the event.

Source of Press Release: Author Press

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