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Book of the Month

ebook cover The Evil Within

Ever since Matt was born, Tasia has been close with her younger brother. She has a deep desire to protect him. Their mom is the coven’s head witch in the small town of Blackstone, Ohio. Their dad is supportive of the family practicing the craft but has no supernatural gifts himself. In the sixth grade, Matt thinks puberty is difficult. Combined with struggling to find his skills as a newbie witch, life is even more challenging. Things get dire when the school bullies play a horrible prank on him, which results in consequences more far-reaching than Matt can ever imagine. When he finds out the haunted house next door has released a demon into the town, he has to fight harder than he ever thought possible to keep his loved ones safe. Tasia is in the eighth grade. She’s a witch who thinks she has plenty of time to hone her craft. But when strange things start happening in Blackstone, she realizes she needs to master her skills now if she wants to defeat the demonic forces that are at work. With the help of her brother and her best friends—Riana, a vampire-witch hybrid, and Courtney, a witch and vampire hunter—Tasia must form a plan to rid the town of the diabolical power that threatens to destroy them all.

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Event of the Month

banner Imaginarium

 Imaginarium 2019
October 11-13 

Ramada Plaza Hotel
and Conference Center 
9700 Bluegrass Pkwy,
Louisville, KY 40299

The Imaginarium Convention made its debut in 2014 and is now heading into its 6th year with a central focus on providing creative writers and other creative talents educational, networking, professional, and mentoring opportunities. In 2019, The Writer Magazine named the Imaginarium Convention the best writing conference in Kentucky and the 2nd best writing conference in the Southeast USA.

The Imaginarium Convention welcomes all genres and levels of experience. Imaginarium maintains an inclusive, welcoming environment that brings together the vibrant atmosphere of a convention with the content-rich nature of a major writers conference. Three days filled with over 130 panels and workshops provide creative individuals of all levels of skill and experience an abundance to choose from to develop skill-sets further on their professional and artistic journeys.

Spotlighting and raising awareness of talented creative individuals is another area of emphasis for the Imaginarium Convention. Our juried Imadjinn Literary Awards given at our annual awards banquet are one way in which we recognize and celebrate top level talent. Another way is through our Imadjinn Book Fair and Expo, which showcases a large number of creative professionals to the public throughout the convention weekend.

In supporting creative writing in all forms, The Imaginarium Convention embraces Game Development and Film/TV production, including programming content in each of these areas, a weekend-long gaming room, and an independent film festival with juried awards.

More recently, The Imaginarium Convention has begun to develop the Imaginarium Initiative, to help facilitate support and educational opportunities for communities in need. Our first target area for this program will be the Eastern Kentucky region.

A positive event that provides a wide range of support and beneficial elements to a diverse array of attendees, Imaginarium is dedicated to continue growing and expanding what we can offer to those pursuing a creative path.

Author Colleen Green,
Wright Writer of Dayton member
will be a speaker at two seminars.
See below for details.

Part 1: Path to Success: Self-Awareness & Kindness Method – Presented by Colleen Green – Author Colleen Green will discuss how managing three aspects of your life while being self-aware and kind to others will increase your chances for success in accomplishing any goal. Once you learn how to be aware of your stress levels, manage your contacts while being kind to others, and maintain discipline in your craft there are no limits to how far your dreams will take you. Sit back and enjoy her talk about her experiences and walk away inspired to be at your best! (60 min) (Sat. 12 pm in room Iroquois)

Part 2: Outlining a story before writing a rough draft – Presented by Colleen Green – Learn how author Colleen Green creates her outline by looking at relationships and plot. She is the author of two romance books in the Amber Milestone Series, and the Witches of Blackstone Series is written under her pen name Karen Kasey. Books in both genres will be available for sale during the Imaginarium convention 2019. (60 min) (Sun. 12:45 pm in room Iroquois)

Author Colleen Green will have two books in the Amber Milestone Series available for sale during Imaginarium. Go to www.colleengreen.info for more info. 

She will also have her book
The Evil Within: Book One in the Witches of Blackstone Series
available for sale.

Gwendolyn Ilimaris,
Wright Writer of Dayton member
will have her books for sale at Imaginarium.
Stop by and see her.

Whispers of Time

In the world of Asaetara, an ancient magic has torn open the paths between worlds. An unknown banner begins to gather the forces of evil together in the shadows. Rin Rilavaenu has struggled her entire life to please her father, the elven king. Much to her dismay, Rin discovers the elf she is so desperate to make proud is not her real father. After this revelation throws Rin’s world into complete turmoil, on the day of her coming of age ceremony, her soul is torn from her body when unknown magic is forced out by her enemies.

After years of searching, Kaedin, Rin’s bonded dragon, finds her when her soul begins to awaken inside of Sara, a nineteen year old human girl from Earth.

How can they close the paths torn open between worlds? Who is behind this and what do they wish to gain? Rin’s friends and family embark on a journey to an unfamiliar world to bring her home, while they struggle to prepare for a war that could destroy everything in not only their world but ours as well.

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