May 2018 Newsletter

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Book of the Month

women who shaped america

Women Who Shaped America

By Wright Writers of Dayton

American women have always had the grit and determination to influence others and make important things happen. From working for the young colonies to homesteading on the Great Plains and the Wild West to navigating the hardships and deprivations of America’s Civil War, two world wars, and the Great Depression to the Space Age, women led, followed, or blazed new paths for themselves, their families, and all women. No matter which period we examine, American women often have left an indelible mark on history and on those who came after them. The members of Wright Writers of Dayton realized the importance of sharing the stories of women who helped to shape America—stories of both famous and unsung heroines. The stories in this anthology address the courageous actions of American women that shaped human lives and the course of history for our country.

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Recipe of the Month

Chicken Alfredo Bow Tie Pasta

 Chicken Alfredo Bow Tie Pasta 

12 oz. Box Bow Tie Pasta
12.5 oz. Can Chicken Breast
7.5 oz. Quartered Artichoke Hearts
2 Cans 14.5 oz. Prego Alfredo Sauce Roasted Garlic Parmesan
7.3 oz. Box New York Hand Tied Garlic Knots

Preheat the oven for the garlic knots. Once the oven is preheated prepare the meal. Drain the canned chicken and set aside in a bowl. Drain the artichokes and add to chicken. Boil pasta according to box directions while stirring occasionally. In a separate pan add 1 can of alfredo sauce, chicken, and artichokes together while stirring on medium heat. Once the sauce mix is warmed throughout add 1/2 can of alfredo sauce and keep on medium to low heat while stirring occasionally. Put the bread into the oven. Drain the pasta when it is done cooking.  Put the pasta back into the pan and off of the heat and add the pasta sauce. Stir the mixture together. Take the bread out of the oven when it is done. Serve the pasta with the garlic knots.

Serves: 4

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Word of the Month


Mellifluous adj. Sweet or musical; pleasant to hear. “She had a mellifluous voice.”


Inspirational Quote of the Month

I think it’s important for little girls growing up, and young women, to have one in every walk of life. So from that point of view, I’m proud to be a role model!

Sally Ride


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