Nov. 2017 Newsletter

Book of the Month 

A Glimpse of Light Found

By Wright Writers of Dayton Member, B. A. Hughes

Glimm, A Glimpse of Light Found explores the adventures of tweens and early teens as they uncover everyday mysteries and connections. Written by B. A. Hughes for her own grandchildren, these illuminating stories highlight mystical animals, natural phenomena, and curious kids discovering their unique gifts. Middle school students will find kinship with a lonely cheetah, a talking stone, a persistent rabbit. When the emptiness of ennui and the drudgery of daily life are peeled away, unexpected encounters with nature lead to glimpses of truth. With wonder and beauty everywhere, often hidden in plain sight, darkness fades and light glimmers. Book available at Four Cats Publishing.

Word of the Month


Not able to be corrected, improved, or reformed. “His bad habits were incorrigible.”


Poem of the Month

Glimm Poem
Light Flown

By B.A. Hughes

Glimm galled, where went the day?
Shattered, scattered, flown away
Sparkle died in logic’s tide
Digits disemboweled his life.

Glimm called, that’s all there is?
Numbers, lines, bytes and bits?
Look again, Glimm, beat his heart
Starflash, Earthlore, song and art.

Glimm saw the sun arise
Gave his heart to ancient eyes
Bowed his knee, sang aloud
Glimpse of glimmer, gift of God.


Inspirational Quote of the Month

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney


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