Wright Writers of Dayton

Book Cover Ruth Ann Poetry

Rowing Through the Night

by Ruth Kibler Peck

 The poetry of Ruth Kibler Peck reflects her love for life and her interest in people, history, and art.  She uses both rhyming and free verse to explore these topics.  More than half of the poems in this volume have received national, state, and local awards. Available at Amazon and Xlibris.

She has been a member of Wright Writers of Dayton since 1979.


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book cover Last WordsLast Words by Colleen Green

Jack Hale’s commanding presence and sultry eyes catch Amber’s attention the first time she sees him. She dreams of a future as an executive chef, but from the kitchen of stepfather’s restaurant, she is mesmerized by the dashing man in a stylish business suit. The day he orders dessert and asks her to share it with him, dreams of their life together take hold of her heart. She imagines those few bites of dessert to be the beginning of a storybook romance… little does she know what twisted secrets Jack Hale holds.
Ignoring the warning signs Amber embarks on a journey led by the sensual and dark Jack Hale that test the limits of who she is and who she will become…

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Author: Author Colleen Green

I’m an author, and I'm passionate about cooking and baking. The Amber Milestone Series Book One, Last Words and Book Two, City in the Middle are available on Amazon. For more info go to my website www.colleen green.info Contact: colleen_grn@yahoo.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColleenPGreen

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